About me

Born out of Caerphilly I spent the first seven years of my childhood in the rich Dorset countryside which grew in me a deep love of the outdoors.

But it wasn’t until my father lent me his prized film SLR camera that I was first introduced to photography. Although I had previously been seriously involved with various other art forms, I was completely taken by the beauty and aesthetic poetry of the photographic image.

I've spent most of my life drawing, plus studied both Art and Garden Design, as well as working as a nursery man and gardener, so feel fortunate to have made a smooth transition to photography.

Through the creative process of capturing an image I have found that photography has a way of engaging myself to the environment, therefore allowing for a deeper connection with nature.

All of my free time now is spent exploring East Anglia with a green approach, either by bicycle or on foot, which allows me to immerse myself fully into its lush and open countryside.